Installation Art


‘Beauty In The Broken’ was a final project for my foundation in art program in Cenfad (Kuala Lumpur).

Beauty – The qualities that give pleasure to the senses.
Brokenness – Incomplete, fractured, disordered, or ugly.

Two opposing forces. What happens if beauty is found in the broken?

This is a fascination I’ve had all my life, whether I realised I was fascinated or not, which led me to search the answer to that question. The search brought me to places I’ve not been to – comfortable or otherwise – to understand beauty, perfection, perception and many others.

After garnering the understanding (or at least a better understanding) of these aspects of beauty and brokenness, I embarked on a large-scale project that involved many art forms – photography, illustration, sculpturing and a whole lot of thinking like an artist. All of these art forms were explored to convey the challenge to the world that there is beauty in brokenness.

‘Beauty In The Broken’ took 3 months in the making.

Installation Art, Beauty In The Broken